Release and Create Event

January 12th, 2020 & January 26th, 2020

It is incredible that 2020 is on its way, and with it a host of opportunities to create new possibilities.

As the New Year arrives we are filled with resolutions and hope…… ready to conquer all! This is the perfect time to Release whatever has held you back in the past and Create a new vision for the future.

Is 2020 “Your Year”? If the answer is YES, please join us in creating that new vision.

I am happy to announce that I am offering the sixth annual “Release and Create Event”. 

Many of you have shared the amazing transformations that you manifested in 2019 and I felt inspired to offer this transformational experience again.

Exciting news! This year we will again be live streaming, so you can join us from anywhere in the world!

Stress Less with EFT - Release & Create

Stress Less with EFT - Release & Create

Stress Less with EFT - Release & Create

“Each year, I look forward to Leslie’s “Release and Create” workshop. I love the passion and energy she brings to the group. The timing, content and momentum of these workshops has provided me with the tools and clarity I needed to define and achieve my yearly goals. Last year, I was able to let go of a past traumatic financial loss that was limiting and holding me back. Using techniques I learned,  I was able to set the intention for me to own a home again.  On November 1st of this year, I moved into my new home.  I have a profound sense of gratitude for what I have learned in this workshop and look forward to being part of this special experience again..”
Michele Vallone – Your Way with EFT

January has easily become my favorite time of year due to to Leslie’s  annual Release and Create Event. One year in particular I was positive my intention was to launch a  coaching practice, however the universe had another plan. I was surprisingly inspired to once again become a homeowner. Staying true to the process, I found the perfect house the following month. By May of that year, I was creating a home that led to a bond with my children that I never imagined possible. I trusted the process that Leslie so beautifully and skillfully led the group through and now believe that every year I have an enormous gift, to dream and create big!”
Jennifer Tiplady

As the New Year approaches it is a wonderful opportunity to Release old blocks and Create a new vision (or an old one that has eluded you) for the future.

    • Part One will consist of clearing those blocks, beliefs, memories and patterns that kept us from creating the life we desired in 2019. We will sage, meditate, tap, and burn them all away to solidify our intent of Releasing that which did not serve us in 2019.
  • Part Two is all about Creation. Once again we start with a meditation. We will journal a clear vision of our desire, outline some inspired action steps, tap on any resistance, take a quantum jump into this new vision and end with an incredible energy pull.

“Last year I attended  Release & Create for the first time. I was a novice to all the energy  techniques we were using but jumped right in! I had been on my own for a while focused on my family, career and physical goals but I was finally ready to create romance in my life. My vision to create a romantic relationship became very clear. Well, let’s just say that this year I’m attending all my holiday parties with my new beau!” 

Please note space is very limited, so reserve your seat now!

When:   January 12th & 26th 12:30pm to 3:30pm
In-Person:  6 Goldman Ct., Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567

Cost: Only $147 for both

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