Individual Coaching Sessions: Treat yourself to individual coaching sessions and learn how to identify the real blocks to your success. Learn how to use energy methods such as EFT (Tapping) to clear the emotional conflicts that keep you stressed out.  Whether you feel too much stress at work, at home, or with your body, expert individual coaching can unlock the secrets to success.
VIP Days: For a more intensive experience, consider investing in a half-day VIP experience (in person or by Skype) where you will have the time to delve deeply into several core issues, clear and eliminate blocks to physical, financial or personal success, and feel confident that you will move forward with ease.  Spots for VIP days are limited, so book early. Click here to schedule a chat with me a see if my powerful VIP Day program is a perfect fit for you.
Transform Package : For the ultimate transformation , consider this four month experience .We start with your half  VIP Day and continue with hourly sessions twice monthly for the next four months. Unlimited email access , SOS are only a few other forms of support you will receive to help with your transformation . We will embark on an inner journey to eliminate the blocks that are standing in the way of your financial ,physical and personal success. At the end of this experience you will be confident,stress free and well on your way to living the life of your dreams.
Workshops: See Leslie’s “Workshop” schedule for more information on her group classes and EFT workshops. 
Not sure which program is right for you?  Click here to schedule a complimentary (free) Stress Less, Create More session  and we’ll discuss your needs and how I can best support you. If you’re unable to find an available appointment, please email me at for an available time.