Afraid to Lose Weight? Tap to Safety with Leslie Vellios and Carol Look

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You want to reach your goal weight, but you keep sabotaging yourself. You know the program you’re following is healthy and good for you, but you keep falling off… Maybe… you’re afraid to lose the weight!

If you find yourself continuing to sabotage yourself on your weight loss journey, consider this probability – you’re afraid to lose weight because you won’t feel safe without it.

Why?  Because you want, need or prefer to have the protection of the extra weight on your body. Maybe you fear you will feel exposed if you lose the weight, or maybe you’re worried about other people’s reactions.  Or maybe you fear you will get unwanted attention for your new shape and size.

Enjoy listening to Leslie Vellios and Carol Look as they thoughtfully discuss the issue of safety and weight loss.  Then you can use their Tapping (EFT) exercises to release the energetic and emotional reasons you don’t feel safe so you can lose the weight once and for all.

1 review for Afraid to Lose Weight? Tap to Safety with Leslie Vellios and Carol Look

  1. Byambatsetseg

    I painted whsilt listening to your conversation with Leslie. It was great and thank you for sharing all your tips. I am about to start my Facebook fan page before I start selling to avoid the mix of family , friends etc and fans……not sure that fans would appreciate the real me! Anyway, thank you for Artbytes. I live in New Zealand and cannot attend workshops and they have beena revelation to me. You are very generous to share what you know. Lol about the ” paint gasm” !!!

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